Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gifts and Growls

Help came in an interesting package.

When I needed it most, I had help from lots of people. Family, loved ones, friends and compassionate commiserators. When all was said and done though, many nights were spent sleepless, angry and extremely lonely. There had been a deep sense of loneliness before the Secret Keeper left but having him physically gone cemented what I knew deep down to be was over and I was on my own.

A wonderful sense of comfort came in a very unique form. My crazy, funny, farty little frenchie.  Sophie is about as ugly as they come, she's snorts and snores and gets underfoot but her heart is gold (especially when you have food in your hands). Many a night, she would climb into bed with me and help keep me warm and remind me that there is good in the world and that I just need to hold on until things got better. What a comfort our creatures can be. Grateful!!

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