Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Boundaries and Ultimatums

I want to reclaim victory over my fears. I want to live and let live and allow people to deal with their choices in life but it is so difficult.

Daily, my goal is to wrestle the anxiety that squeezes out peace and put it where it belongs-ACCEPTANCE. Consciously I am aware that there is a much better way to live. Allowing my loved ones to choose their course of action and leaving them to deal with the consequences is the right thing to do. That knowledge flows through my fingers like water when confronted with the more uncomfortable situations.

There is a fine line between healthy boundaries and ultimatums. On the other side there is a less than fine line between a willingness to please and giving ones soul away. Many people do a little of both, some do a lot of one or the other. I'm a whiz at ultimatums, often believing I have the right to do whatever it takes to make me feel comfortable inside.

Let it go!!!  Embrace the knowledge that everything is going to be OK end the end. Even if that "OK" does not look exactly the way you hoped it would look. Remember to trust your intuition when you feel truthfulness is in question, but give it to your Higher Power to work out. People may think they are fooling you or maybe they are fooling yourself but in the end it will all work out they way it is suppose to.

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