Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Late Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas. Boy #2 is going to school in Portland and could not make it home on the 25th. We waited. He got home on Sunday night and I could not have been happier. Monday we celebrated by being together.

The Boy Scout and I spent a good part of the day cooking and cleaning. He is an amazing cook and the dinner came out pretty much fantastic.

The bright spot of the evening was when I sat in the living room with my kids and their significant others sitting at the dining room table, talking and laughing and just being together. It happens so rarely these days.

I cannot really express to my children the deep comfort I get from having siblings that have been there for me through thick and thin. They have my shared memories and their own memories that can expand the view of our childhood. They have my back even when I am wrong or behaving selfishly. Very close to the unconditional love of our mother...holding me accountable but still being there. I pray that my kids also have that sense of connection no matter how far apart. I pray that they will always be aware of the importance of making the effort of keeping that connecting strong.

The house is packed full and the one, barely working bathroom is being over taxed but my heart is full and I am grateful beyond words.  Grateful for family, love, forgiveness, the boy scout and for my God for teaching me to be grateful.

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