Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Think, Think and Then Think Again

Think is a wonderful tool, especially for those of us who feel entitled to say exactly what is on our minds at any given time.

"Think" reminds us that the outcome is bound to be better if we think the whole process through to the end. Asking myself, "What is better? Getting crap off my chest and all parties being resentful, angry and hurt or thinking the issue through and realizing that not everyone wants or needs to be the recipient of my wisdom."?   Easy answer!

Recently, I had the opportunity to put this tool to good use. I was put in an uncomfortable situation. I could have spoken out, let the "truth" be known but instead I was quiet. I thought it out carefully and, afterwards, was able to discuss the situation so that it was likely to never happen again. It was a huge victory for me. Previously, I might have put my two cents in....perhaps sarcastically...and then all parties would be uncomfortable and some would be angry, BUT, I would have been able to say my piece. Additionally, my go to feeling of anger for being made to feel uncomfortable would start a heated discussion, at best. THINK stopped me in my tracks...no wars, no battle-scars, just a conversation.


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