Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Today, while in a retail establishment, I got to chatting with the owner. First niceties and pleasantries and then a warm conversation that led to.......Sisterhood.

Somehow (God, of course), we stumbled upon the fact that Al-Anon had saved both of our lives. Mine from bitterness and anger, hers from heartbreak and sorrow; both of us from struggling with the craziness of controlling the freak out of the ones we love. Our qualifiers are different and the same but that doesn't really matter does it? Our backgrounds are polar opposites. It's what we do with the lessons we learn in the Al-Anon rooms that connect us in a way that few other things do.

The beauty of sharing each others "recovery" and, maybe, bolstering each other up in it, was awesome. I left with a bag full of something pretty and a heart full of knowing lots of us walk this planet...trying hard to heal and do better and be brave, Living and Let Live, knowing it's Progress, Not Perfection, and taking it One Day at a Time.

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