Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Let It Begin With Me

This slogan is a good one to write about today as I spent last evening doing just the opposite. So much easier to point the fingers the other way, isn't it? Disappointed in myself for reverting without recognizing it and grieved by the pain I cause someone else, clearly some soul searching and research was in order. I did some reading in "How Al-Anon Works" and found this timely and helpful:

“When we are tempted to blame others for our problems or to justify our own poor behavior by pointing to the poor behavior of others, this slogan reminds us where our focus rightfully belongs…. ‘Let it begin with me’ is a way to change the things we can—especially our own attitudes—instead of waiting for everyone else to change to suit us.

This is like going hungry while waiting for someone who doesn’t cook to make dinner. ‘Let it begin with me’ might suggest that we go ahead and cook for ourselves, go out for dinner, or make plans with someone who cooks. In short, we take responsibility for getting our own needs met.”

My fear is mine to deal with and not the responsibility of another to take care of, to quell or even to pacify. If I want true recovery, I've got to learn to cook my own dinner.

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