Monday, November 2, 2015

Let Go And Let God

All about trust. Do I trust God enough to give all my worries over to Him?

Recently something came up with one of my kids. A big red flag. For a few moments I went back into my untreated Al-Anon mode. The one that never, EVER did me any good. My brain knows that to be true and yet it kicks in and and off I go!  Luckily, within a minute or two, I stopped what I was doing and just said "NO" not this time and walked away. Using my Al-Anon tools, I briefly shared my concern with someone and then I let it go. I gave my child up to my Higher Power and recognized the I had none, zero, zilch, nothing, no power over this situation. Taking a great big breathe, I moved on with my day, not really giving the situation another thought until someone else brought it up. My child is doing pretty darn good and is well aware that I am here if I am needed. That's enough.

It so interesting how I used to think that if I just said the right words, did the right things, that the person involved would look at me and say, "You're absolutely right. What was I thinking?", and immediately change their wayward ways. For me, Letting Go and Letting God means that I begin recognize where I am suppose to put my efforts and hard work and where I am suppose to butt out and allow the world to unfold without my manipulating things to make the universe more comfortable for me.

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