Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Me

I have a number of different names:
Child one: Mum
Child two: Momma
Child three: Mother
Child four: Mommallama
Fam of origin: Lin
Boyfriend: Cricket
Former Boss: LMB
Sweet Texan Friend: Miss Linda
Too many people: Bitch (the former me)

Lots of different names. Lots of different roles. I wear each one separately. My goal is to put them all together and be one person all the time. Consistent, loving, with strong boundaries, empathetic and with a healthy dose of self care. In business and in daily life, my desire is shed all masks and find me...the real me. 

After all these years, who the hell am I? I am a mom who isn't needed they way she once was. I was a wife but am no longer one. I am a daughter with no parents, a sister redefining the relationships. A business owner, a girlfriend and a dog owner. A gal with a lot of fears.

“While we are all connected, we must face our own challenges alone.” ~Yut

Face your inner demons; own your responsibility.  While I believe deeply that our family and friend support networks are fundamental to thriving in life, the truth is that when we’re talking about inner demons, fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs, we have to face up to those ourselves.
It’s a very personal journey to honestly look into the dark crevices inside yourself and truly own the way you feel, the way you behave, and see what is blocking your own thriving.  ~By Bernadette Logue

I'm not sure what the answer is to who I am but I am determined to figure it out. Through prayer and meditation, consciousness, gratefulness and really treating others the way I want to be treated and, above all, learning to leave my fears behind me. A lot of work but it's never too late.

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  1. Walking this long ass road with you my friend. In spirit, I am right by your side. Dark crevices indeed...your's is one of the hands that I can see reaching out to me. Thank you for that.


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