Friday, October 9, 2015

You Do You and I'll Do Me

Grateful for a good day, for the increasing ability to resolve conflict in a healthier way and for learning to let go of some things that I cannot control.

The control one is cool. The need to fix things around me is strong and, usually, so easy to do. I am a great organizer and have the ability to toss crap out and prioritize. This is a job for me and only me. With too many people in a too small house, the urge came on to start the purging process. My room got a good cleaning and heading to the garage next. Time to organize and set my house in order. But only my junk.....everyone else's stuff is calling my name and I might eyeball it but healthy boundaries work both ways. Ignoring the compulsion to clean it ALL and learning to be okay with that. Everything doesn't have to be perfect for me to feel comfortable anymore. It's alright to be a little uncomfortable, life is messy and I'm learning to roll with it. Practicing "sitting" with the feelings that often times cause me to act out.

After lunch with a friend, I think I will go out to the garage where my son and two cats live among the overflow of stuff that doesn't fit in the house. I feel the yearning to's all good.

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