Monday, October 26, 2015

One Day at A Time

The most helpful slogan in difficult times. It reminds us to let go of what we cannot even begin to control and live in this moment of time.

Fifteen months ago all I did was despair night and day.  My income was being cut nearly in half, I would not be able to afford my home and knew selling and moving would my job alone, all six of us were losing our health insurance, my Secret Keeper was going to need hospitalization and mental health care for an extended period (how was I going to pay for that without health insurance), the Secret Keepers behavior was scary at best, his behavior threatened life long friendships and working relationships. Pile on top of that my concern for my children and their mental health and I found that life was too much.

It wasn't until Al-Anon that I started to worry only about the hour I was in. One hour is pretty manageable, even if it contains considerable stress. I knew I could get through an hour. Now a-days I live much more "One Day at A Time".

Now, I am blessed to have health insurance for me and my 3 youngest. My beautiful home is sold and the new home is in my name and the Secret Keeper has no claim on it.  His former employer kept the much needed insurance until he got out of the hospital so that the bills were manageable. And, finally, we (the kids and I) have learned or are trying to learn a loving detachment from the person who has to help himself. Bonus is that the Boy Scout is in my life and allowing me a new beginning. Perfect??? Not even close. Grateful? More than I can express.

Who knew? Things did not turn out exactly how I planned or yearned. I have learned that allowing the unknown to be handled by God is a much better strategy than allowing all my cares and concerns to orbit in my head, bouncing off one another, confusing me and confounding my priorities.

I can do almost ANYTHING One Day at A Time.


  1. That quote is stunning...beautiful. Thanks Linda. I needed this today.

    1. No problem Lolly. Your blog has softened many a tough day for me. Good to see things from another's perspective.


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