Thursday, October 29, 2015

Live and Let Live

One thing I have found that, slowly, while working my program, I have become a much more tolerant and accepting person. In the past, it was natural to laugh behind my hand at that person rides his electric bike around town with a thing on his head resembling a welding mask or at the gal walking down the street dressed in a crazy outfit with purple hair and lipstick painted on like a clown or even the old lady that walks around our town in Barbie Pink outfits with leggings and lacy socks pushing a matching stroller that contains her dog dressed in a complimentary outfit.. I don't think I was ever actually cruel (maybe I was) but that which made me uncomfortable prompted a reaction.

Now-a-days I try to apply our slogans and Live and Let Live is a beauty. It not only eliminates the desire to giggle but it replaces the giggle with a desire to understand and empathize if necessary but, better than that, it allows me to give that person a high five for being able to be themselves in a world that requires us to conform to every social norm.

Additionally, it means that I will no longer try to persuade people that I, in my infinite wisdom, know what they need to do in order to straighten out their lives. I will allow them the dignity and right to do that on their own, without the pressure of a crazy, flawed Al-Anon compelling them to do it her way. Meanwhile, living my own life, getting better everyday, because of a Higher Power who loves me and a program that reminds me to focus on Him and not the people around me. The beauty of it is that I don't have to put up with what I don't want to live with either.  Live and Let Live. 

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