Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Let It Begin With Me

This slogan reminds me daily that in order to have peace in my life that all the tough things like forgiveness, tolerance, charity, empathy, kindness....all begin with me.

It was not until I learned forgiveness for others that I could start to forgive myself. I needed to learn empathy in order to have empathy for the former me. It was not until I look closely at my part in the messy think I call my life that I could recognize that there is not good and bad people; just a lot of flawed people getting though life as best they can. Sometimes their best is very hard and sometimes you can't recover from it but you can still try to empathize and forgive.

I am also reminded that in order to have my own needs met, I count on myself to do so or to express to another what I need from them. No more guessing more "If he loved me enough he would know what I need".

God, let love, kindness, spiritual growth, empathy, forgiveness and gratefulness begin with me. Teach me to ask others for what I need and teach me to learn to need little from others and depend on You for much.

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  1. Amen. This reads like a prayer Linda. Beautiful post.


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