Friday, October 23, 2015

Keep an Open Mind

This AA slogan reminds me not to jump to conclusions. It says step back and hear all sides or try to put yourself in another's shoes.

When someone does something that is hurtful, it is helpful to repeat this and honestly try to apply it. Just because something hurts does not mean that that was the intention of the person on the other end. They may have had a really good idea that backfired or, perhaps, something out of their control caused a mishap. It could be that there was a lack of communication. Be open to the idea that whatever happened, it may not be what it seems.

I apply this slogan in this manner because this is where I am most vulnerable and, therefore, need to put in a good deal of effort. It can be applied in so many ways though. That homeless person who is probably sick and not lazy, the angry clerk who may have a very difficult path in this life, or the friend who seems to take more than give. There are back stories that we may never know...defer to the side of kindness whenever possible. 

In addition to the specific help I need, it's nice to know that people who are open minded:
  1. Are more accepting of others and have fewer prejudices

  2. Are more optimistic and make the most of life

  3. Have less stress because they are more open to change

  4. Have better problem solving skills 

  5. Want to learn more, therefore are more interesting
All good stuff. My black and white are getting grayer every day.

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  1. Thanks Linda. This post was just what I needed to hear today. Both of us are grouchy and out of sorts due to his recent surgery. I need to take the time to think beyond this one moment. When I'm tired and stressed my compassion goes right out the window. Great post!


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