Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dream a Little Dream

Where do dreams come from? Who knows how we decide what we desire most, what we hope for the future? We form these ideas somehow.....but of all the places in the world, all the wonderful people, we chose just a small smidgeon of the world to make our own.

My dreams were pretty small. Marry, raise a family, travel and then enjoy the grandchildren and friendships in the golden years. Know and be known by one special person and the rest of the family and friends augment the beautiful picture.

These days the dreams are unlimited. I'm open to the world to chose me. Let's see where it goes. The nuclear family dream was shattered and I'm grateful. It means the sky's the limit; options have changed.  Maybe I'll take up singing (not real likely) or join a senior women's golf tour (less likely). The truth is life is exciting and I can't wait to see the new dreams form. God has a plan.

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