Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Again

Nothing has really changed since yesterday but my attitude sure has. Today I feel resentful and bummed. 

It all started with a text from sister #2.  

       "Hi, when and where are we doing thanksgiving & Xmas this year."

Well, we do Xmas the same place every year, at sister #3's. Thanksgiving was mine and I loved every minute of it. But that was I live in a house that is really too small for the people living in it.  My 800 sq. ft. and single bathroom will not accommodate an excess of 25 additional members of extended family. I miss my old house and my beautiful yard a bunch.

Truth is, before I received the text, I knew it wasn't going to happen.  Seeing it put in writing hurt much more than I thought it would though. I'm angry and hurting and feeling less than grateful right now. 

When does the bleeding stop? In a day, an hour or 10 minutes.....whenever I am able to put my grateful back on and move forward. I'm not ready just yet but I will....

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