Thursday, August 6, 2015

Let It Go and Everyone Wins

I love to listen to AA speakers on YouTube.  It helps keep me on the straight line of working my Al-Anon program. Many a speaker lulls me to sleep at night but NEVER Chris R. who is cleaver and articulate but a bit of a screamer.

Unfortunately, it is all so new that when something big comes up my first reaction is often that of the old me. Exploding, sarcasm, attacking and thinking in Black & White.....all old tools. Luckily, now-a-days, when the old tools are pulled out they are quickly replaced by new ones.  Love the feeling when I realize I don't need to win. That diplomacy means everyone is heard and nobody really "Wins" because winning implies that there must be a loser.

I love the idea of allowing our loved ones dignity. Dignity to make their own choices in life without me trying to fix, soothe, cojole or simply boss the shit out of them (Guilty as charged!). Stepping back, making my own choices of what I can tolerate or what I no longer want to deal with in my own life, and letting go. Beautiful!!

Today I wish you a whole lot of letting go.

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