Thursday, July 9, 2015

Next Hour

Seeing a person I've known for decades for the first time in years was interesting. We caught up with kids and jobs and it was light and easy, until it wasn't. She, of course, eventually asked if that husband of mine was behaving. I sat silent for an awkward moment and then said with a forced half smile, "We are no longer together". Another awkward moment of silence and her looking dumbstruck. Poor thing....I felt sorry that I didn't handle that better. Of course she was shocked. We were that couple that people were envious of. We were friends and partners, etc. All that they saw was the outside, with masks in place whether conscious or subconscious.

Back into my car......this stupid old car must be so tired of hearing my sobs. 

I can live without the Secret Keeper in my life, I know that now. But there is still that feeling of failure the lingers. I still feel I failed and it pisses me off.

The beauty of it is that this has not ruined my day.  11:00 will be better.

Thank you God for your unlimited love and kindness.

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