Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beautiful Friendships

My friend is hurting today.

She is keeping me at bay right now, which I understand because that is exactly how I handle difficult situations. First fret, then do a lot of thinking, then in desperation call in the troops to help with love and comfort or possible solutions. Inept is the feeling of the moment, at a loss for a way to help her so flowers will be sent and the waiting game played until she can open up. Lifting her up to my higher power right now...which should have done immediately but was neglected.

Loving the fact that because of the past few difficult years I am a much better friend then I once was. Situations are thought through much more carefully, considering all sides. I have more empathy for all parties, realizing that sometimes a nasty person is doing the best with what they have been given. I ALMOST never say what I think someone wants to hear; occasionally falling back to my old ways but quickly correcting if at all possible. And finally, sharing tools like "How important is it?", "Just for today" and "But for the Grace of God."

Practicing kindness today for my dear friend and whomever else I can: it helps on my road to being a solid, whole person and it is the right thing to do.

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