Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Very Happy Birthday

Today is my 1st Al-Anon Birthday.

I am so happy about this day.  This is way more of a reason to celebrate than my 52nd birthday coming up soon.  This day I am celebrating a brand new me, a more loving, more positive, happier, more content and much more grateful person than the lady I once was. My higher power showed me a new way to live life and, God willing, I will live a grateful life for the rest of my days.

Yesterday I did a 1st step workshop with a small group of loving ladies. A reminder that no matter what, my God is in control and that each time I despair, I am attempting to take control back from Him. We laughed and cried and talked about the things in our personalities that get in the way of joy. FEAR is a biggie. When breaking down a negative reaction to many situations, more often than not, fear is the biggest factor for the response. Fear of being disliked or not accepted. fear of not being loved enough, fear of failure or looking stupid....you name it.....this girl lived in fear. Not that I was aware of it, but it was the guiding emotion of my life. Not so much any more. Got a new bravery that allows me to ask for what I need, say "No" even when it feels uncomfortable and not borrow trouble from situations that are out of my control.  LOVE IT!

Have a wonderful day today, a day with no fear♥


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the picture and the saying that goes with it. "Got a new bravery"...hell yes And Thank YOU Jesus for that!

    1. Thanks Lolly. It was a great day. I feel blessed. Happy day to you💜


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