Thursday, June 11, 2015

Let Go of What Does Not Make You Happy

As I mentioned in another post, I find myself in a new relationship. This is an interesting, wonderful and confusing time.

There is the whole idea of a divorce not yet final. Minor detail to some, huge to others. Not quite sure myself....mixed emotions. The bigger issue is the lack of trust in myself to make the right decisions. Recovery has given me many new tools but the right ones?  How does one know for sure?

Perhaps I should make a list of pro's and con's except that seems so judgmental and I cannot deny that my fears are still many and my biases, even more. Two years ago, I would not have hesitated to write this guy off. BAM! But he has many wonderful qualities that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, reconsidering my old belief system, reevaluating my black and whites. Living by a new standard that leads to way more happiness than the one I used to adhere to.

Love Fiercely, forgive quickly.

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