Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Easy Does It

"Easy Does It," an expression used by AA and Al-Anon alike. An excellent reminder for me, as an Al-Anon, to remember when a situation feels out of control. How many situations are truly "out of control"? Very's just a feeling in my gut that tightens and squeezes and releases Adrenalin and makes EVERYTHING seem so out of focus and on hyper speed. It makes me want to stop, guide, regulate, conjole, fix and put all the ducks in a neat little row, pat them on they're heads and say, "Good job for understanding that this is the best and most logical thing to do." 

Making myself the Higher Power in life is exhausting, frustrating to my loved ones who have their own paths to walk, and giving me the constant feeling of failure. Easy Does It girl! Take a breath, relax and take responsibility for me. Let those around me make their choices, allow them to live their lives without the puncturing of my tender ego. It's not about me. 
Step 2 Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. 

This step was necessary before being able to apply "Easy Does It". As long as I believed that I had even a semblance of control over any one else in my life, then nothing was easy. What a relief, when AFTER finishing my Step 4 and 5, there came an understanding of what Step 2 meant. It meant freedom and peace and quiet breaths. It meant God was in control and I am no longer even riding shot gun. I'm trying hard to sit in the back seat with a good book, dozing occasionally while a safe, competent, loving driver takes care of the trip.

When I am not running the world, I have a much greater capacity for love, acceptance and kindness for the people I encounter. A worthy goal.

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