Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Building a New Foundation

I'm learning to take the world as it is. It morphs and moves and changes at its own pace and timing. I use to fight it. Every morning putting on my very best armor, picking up my weapons in a futile attempt at making this life look that way I desired. Perhaps that's the Al-Anon in me but it is also that young mother in me. For a time, we as mothers, have such a tremendous control of our microcosm of life. Or maybe even that was just an illusion,

Either way, on my road to happiness, I'm finding that being grateful deep within my soul for the many, many wonderful things that have taken place in my life is crucial. Recognizing my God's hand gently turning my face to the light. Both the wondrous and difficult times are there....each used as an integral part of a life's journey of learning and loving. May I always see the hard times as a chance to grow to a new faith, a deepening love or a stronger foundation.

TAKE the world as it is!—there are good and bad in it,
  And good and bad will be from now to the end;
And they, who expect to make saints in a minute,
  Are in danger of marring more hearts than they ’ll mend.
If ye wish to be happy ne’er seek for the faults,
  Or you ’re sure to find something or other amiss;
’Mid much that debases, and much that exalts,
  The world’s not a bad one if left as it is.
~Charles Swain (1803–74)

Life is beautiful, warts and all.

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