Monday, April 27, 2015

Big and Small Victories...Mostly BIG

Continuing my quest for happiness and peace, daily reminders are needed to support the changes made. Notes posted on my walls and in my car. Carefully following positive sites in social media. I even get a daily text reminding me to watch my thoughts and find the beauty in life. 

Life is good. Amen and amen.

When I backtrack, I no longer beat myself up....just do better next time. Inner thoughts slowly have improved.  No longer does that, "You're so "effing stupid" rule my peace. To that voice in my head, "You talk way too damn much and who asked your opinion anyways." Love and kindness, to others and to myself, will be the overriding goal. 

Saturday was our yearly Home Garden Tour. Plans fell through and I started the tour on my own, which was really OK. Only when I went up MY street, past MY house, did I have a rough time. Another persons' car was in the driveway. Furniture was being moved in. It put a damper on the afternoon but not out of control, just a melancholy that got better within a few hours. Victory!

Then, a text from my Secret Keeper. "I think of you everyday and I love you." he said. I could have been unkind and reminded him of all the terrible things he did to me and to our family, but I was not. "I know you do Dude", I answered back. And my heart filled with love and empathy for the broken man who lacks the tools to move forward. I also reminded myself that it is not now and never was my job to fix him.

Moving into my new, very old, house on Friday and Saturday. People I love will be there and I plan to celebrate just being the the start of my new life. A life more full of happiness, peace and kindness and loads and loads of LOVE.


  1. Love and kindness is a good rule! It will get better and better. I'm excited for you! <3

  2. Take the word stupid out of the Labels line. You are not now nor have you ever been stupid. Wishing you peace and love friend.


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