Thursday, March 19, 2015

Status Quo

It's been awhile.  That's good really.  It means not too low and not too high, just a steady making my way. I like it this way.

I am diligently packing and attending my meetings. Making headway in my relationships with the people I love. Hopefully being more available and less judging.

The house hunt continues and I work hard on trusting that God has a plan that he has yet to reveal. I have an offer in on a tiny little house in town. I love the idea of downsizing but know it will have its challenges. Meanwhile, I would like it if the house would pass inspection and life would move forward. I remind myself to live in the moment and enjoy the last few weeks in the home I love but that now belongs to someone else. Also important to enjoy the beach rental I will have for the next 4 weeks. Good price and allows my pets...YAY!!!

My son, at school in Portland, will not get to see our house again and that makes us both a little sad. He put a lot of hard work in that once all dirt yard. Focusing on a brighter today will help us both get through the changes. It's great to remember that hard work is never wasted and teaches us lessons about life and asks us to determine whether the work we are doing is worthy, important or therapeutic. If not, perhaps it should be on the back burner.

So, I look forward to the changes in front of me and will try, as ever, to be thoughtful and kind. This world can use a little more of each.

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  1. Kindness is indeed needed in this world. As I read your posts I feel an underlying sadness. You have experienced such an enormous amount of losses in a short amount of time and yet....and yet I also feel and hear acceptance and love and kindness in these posts too. It took me a long time to find kindness. Blessings to you as you travel on this journey. Proud and happy to call you my Blogger Friend.


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