Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Being Purposeful

The house continues to empty out into the garage. Belongings put into boxes...most going to storage for the next 4 or 5 weeks.

I wonder.....do I really need these things if I can live without them for next month or so? Some yes, some no. I look forward to sorting these boxes out and doing a 2nd garage sale in less than 2 months. Lifting the weight of STUFF off of my shoulders.

I watched a TED talk that talked about minimalism. I may try a modified version of it. Packing up your entire belongings and getting rid of everything you were not forced to unpack in the following 30 days. That's a bit extreme for me, as it doesn't account for the little treasures children bestowed upon their lucky recipients that jogs beautiful memories.  Or the last Christmas gift from Mom before she died...whether I liked it or not. Still too precious to give up....at least for now.

I have a loved one that would be considered a hoarder by any account. Her "stuff" owns her. That's her thing and her road to travel but it makes me think that I need to reassess and evaluate why I keep holding on. My sweet dogs' last collar and tag?  10 vases? Does one really need 10 vases?

I'll let you know how the culling process goes some time in May. As I unpack, I will remind myself that the stuff is NOT the person and getting rid of it does NOT mean you cherish that person less. I found this helpful list in an article called,


By Joshua Fields Millburn 
  1. I am not my stuff; we are more than our possessions.
  2. Our memories are within us, not within our things.
  3. An item that is sentimental for us can be useful for someone else.
  4. Holding on to stuff imprisons us. Letting go is freeing.
  5. You can take pictures of items you want to remember.
  6. Old photographs can be scanned (see below)
I'll print and post this as I take on the task.

P.S. Already, I got rid of a cross stitch that my favorite aunt did as a wedding gift 30 years ago. It was a sampler with our names and wedding date and "Together Forever" on it.  For some maybe, but not for me and that's OK.

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