Thursday, October 30, 2014

Laugh and be Grateful

This morning I woke up and felt grateful.  First thing, right off the bat. What a change from 15 weeks ago. Only 15 weeks have passed but the whole world has changed for me. I have felt the lowest in my life and, very likely, the most peaceful in my life at different points in the last 15 weeks. Not the most joyous, but that will come. For now, peaceful is amazing.

What I have learned is that it is up to me. I am the one who decides what today is going to be like. All those extenuating circumstances??? Everyone (yes, EVERYONE) has those. Some more than others but they are still there. Those circumstances won't be stopping me.

One of my dearest friends has helped me so much through this terrible situation. Before the "Horrible Day" when everything was revealed, we used to laugh at lunch and joke about which one of us had it worst. The key word here is not "worst", it is "laugh". Her beautiful daughter was going through some major issues. She may always be going through issues. But my friend could laugh and smile and she taught me how to do the same. I am so grateful to God for putting her in my life at exactly the right time. I hope I helped her too but the fact of the matter is, she put me in the direction of the sun and then I started walking....or crawling.  I moved towards happiness purposefully and I will continue to do so. We still go to lunch and laugh....laugh at the ridiculous situations that mental illness puts us in, laugh at our failures and our triumphs but mostly just laugh....cause it feels so damn good just to laugh with someone you love.

So today, in the midst of your hard day, I pray that you find the someone special and that you can feel the healing power of peace and laughter and gratefulness.

And as you do, remember to be kind♥

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