Sunday, October 19, 2014

Resilience and Pride

Tonight I saw a good movie with a touching ending. Sitting in my seat filled with a happy exuberance, recognizing that the human spirit is an amazing thing.

As I left the theater, I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of aloneness. Not having someone to talk to about what I had just seen and observing the many couples exiting with their heads together, talking quietly or in comfortable silence, I felt empty. Getting into the car, the tears flowed.  But, I stayed in the moment, not thinking about the "if only's" or the "should have beens". Leaving the STORY alone. Allowing all the feelings to wash over me and then slowly subside. Finally, I started the car and headed home. Thankfully, these episodes are getting a little further apart and shorter in duration. 

Just like the movie I enjoyed tonight, I felt Pride. 

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  1. Tears... an amazing healer.... <3

    Grateful for moments like these to help propel us through the journey of healing.... and hope... <3


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