Monday, October 6, 2014

Joy Within the Sorrow

Talking about our problems 
is our greatest addiction.
Break the habit.
Talk about your joys.
~Rita Schiano

I'm taking a break to brag about my joys.

My four young adult children have been amazing through all the struggles in the past couple of years, but especially in the last 13 weeks. Not only have they been incredibly kind and patient as I work through everything (meaning crying, ranting, raving and forgiving too)  but they have also been able to lovingly reach out to their father. They have set pretty good boundaries, bestowed forgiveness and, also, gave their father the space to take responsibility for his actions in his own time.

When I compare that to the situation that I was raised in, I am astounded at their maturity level. When my father deserted the family, there were a number of his children (6 in total) that were left angry and hurt. Most of us did not speak to him for a very long time but it definitely affected how I continued to interact with the world. I can only speak for myself when I say that my future relationships suffered greatly due to that untreated hurt, leading me to try to control everything around me.

My hope is that all four of my kids come out the better for this and that their ability to give and receive love is strengthened.....and I can hope that for them because I believe that is what is happening to me.

So, yes. I am grateful.  To my siblings for their unwavering support without encouraging anger. To my children for their love. And to my husband.....for exactly what, I am not sure yet.  Check back in a few years and I may have an incredibly long list.  I am open to it.

Just be kind♥

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  1. ~ <3 ~ This was posted five days ago! I am almost caught up with the present! I am grateful to see how this journey is unfolding... with strength, love, determination and commitment to your family ...making you all that much stronger and healthier to take on the future! Much love to you all!!


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