Saturday, October 11, 2014

Everyday Grateful

Today is just a day to get things accomplished.  Those sprinklers have been screaming at me, the weeds are growing, the house needs cleaning, etc....  I am plugging away but with a new attitude. Not one of resentment at being left to do these things alone, not an overwhelming feeling of a load too heavy to carry.  Just an everyday, get these things done attitude.  

Am I singing joyfully? Not quite yet, but that may come. This new attitude is fine and acceptable and, dare I say, normal.  I haven't felt normal for awhile and I am grateful for normal.

Little victories being celebrated here today!!!

Practice kindness♥


  1. We love little victories! We embrace feeling life (and may I even say joy?) in pops and crackles as it revves up... soon the engine will be running warm and smooth again! <3

  2. Go you! I love your attitude and hope I can learn to celebrate the little victories better.


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