Monday, September 22, 2014

Missing Gratitude

Monday Morning

There are two ways to live your life--
one is as though nothing is a miracle,
the other is though everything is a miracle.
~A. Einstein

Ahhhh, the weekend is over!

I made it through another one.  Not without some huge bumps but that is to be expected.  

Riverbed clean-up on Saturday with one of my favorite people was great. Accomplished much and experienced shock and empathy for families that become displaced and end up moving all their belongings, their treasures, to a place that no one should have to live.  Tired and dirty, my daughter and I parted ways.  Her to have lunch with her dad and me to figure out how to fill the next few hours of the day.

I should have gone to an Al-Anon meeting but opted for a movie.  A Trip to Italy was moderately amusing but lovely to look at.  Unfortunately, the theater kept whispering to me....."You are alone, you are alone."  Silly really, I've been going to movies alone for quite some time.  Only now that I am without a life partner it's a bit harder to extricate myself from my thoughts and into the magic of true escapism. I will get better at this over time.

Sunday was the shits!  Enough said about that.

Monday is here and I am going to start planning for next weekend right now.  I am determined to fill up a few more of those hours and, also, I will write notes reminding myself to practice gratitude. That was missing over the past 48 hours and it showed.  

~A. Schweitzer

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  1. Oh, I see I started here! And went backwards! moving on!


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