Monday, April 22, 2019

Beautiful Encounters

We have a friend. Well, she belongs to the Boy Scout first but she is mine now too.

A most amazing woman. 

She hailed from both Texas and Chicago with a family means that surpassed the average and, perhaps, even well above average. She had one sister that was most definitely her mother's favorite. That favoritism still hurts her heart, even though she is now 93. 

She has had two husbands but I know very little about either as she doesn't speak of them at all. She had 4 daughters, two of which are a bit of a struggle to her, one that is close by and close to her heart and one that broke her heart to pieces 45 years ago when she died of leukemia. On the anniversary of this lovely young girls death and her birth, our friend still has to go inside herself and revisit the grief. It is her way.

She learned to pilot an airplane, did sky diving, SCUBA and published an underwater photography book. She took her daughters to Europe when they were in their young teens and spent a year driving a VW bus from country to country, topping out in Russia and settling in Greece for an extended period of time. She is still fashionable and spry. 

We dined with her last night and although she was spunky and very present, she was also tired. Not the kind of tired like "I've been busy all day" but the kind that tells me she is really slowing down. She is a gem and I am wanting to spend more time with her to take advantage of the time We have left with her. 

None of us know when our time will be up but I see the signs and I want to have no regrets.


  1. You are fortunate to have this time with your friend. She sounds like a great woman!

  2. Amen! Enjoy her while you can.
    She sounds like a lovely person Linda.

  3. She's sounds like a wonderful woman to spend some time with and enjoy her company.

  4. whoa! a real go-getter; my kind of woman!

  5. What a wonderful kind of friend to have...a real treasure.


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